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Shanghai brings in driving license change

(China Daily)

09:10, June 26, 2013

Applicants whose driving licenses were revoked in Shanghai may be exempt from compulsory training at a qualified driving school, thanks to a new government notice, the Shanghai Morning Post reported.

The rule, effective from July 1, will apply to those whose licenses were canceled or withdrawn, according to the transportation enforcement agency.

Those in this category may re-apply for a driving test without being coached again by a driving institution. The policy extends to two types of licenses, C1 and C2, both cover small-sized passenger cars, the police said.

Applicants who have never held a license, however, will have to undergo an approved training course.

The cost to take a driving course in Shanghai has jumped to an average of 7,500 yuan ($1,220) from 4,000 yuan last year, due to stricter exams that set higher standards.

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