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Short movies to make TV debut overseas

(China Daily)

09:40, May 18, 2013

Performers from Shaanxi province grab the limelight at the ninth China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair, which opened on Friday. The four-day event showcases the country’s rich cultural diversity. PHOTO BY LIANG XU / XINHUA

Short movies from China are to make their debut on TV overseas in September, with the broadcasting and online distribution rights for about 30 shorts bought by a British company.

The movies last for a total of 10 hours and will be shown in the United States, Europe and East Africa. It is the first time short films from China have been exported.

The country's short-movie producers are excited about entering overseas markets, and hope this can help promote the art form at home, and speed up its industrialization.

The deal was signed on Friday between Shorts International — a short-movie entertainment company with the world's largest catalogue dedicated to shorts, and vast partnerships with satellite and cable TV networks worldwide — and Shenzhen Times Network Media, the copyright agent for seven of the movies selected.

Carter Pilcher, CEO of Shorts International, said: "China is a powerhouse in the world, and people are eager to know about the country through its movies.

"People may not be patient enough to watch a long feature, but they will be interested in watching a short one."

Pierre-Yves Lochon, CEO of Sinapses Asia, who coordinates selection and purchasing for Shorts International, told China Daily that if audience feedback is positive, the buyer may make it a long-term deal by purchasing the overseas telecast rights for about 10 Chinese short movies every year.

The seven Chinese shorts that Shorts International bought from Shenzhen Times Network Media are among winners of the KingBonn Award at the China International (KingBonn) New Media Shorts Festival, the only State-recognized international short film award in China. The award celebrates its fourth anniversary this year and has attracted 30,031 entries from 94 countries and regions.

The remaining short films that have been bought are either winners or nominees at film festivals in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, or come from independent producers.

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