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China's dating TV show inspires copycat in Chicago

By Liu Yuhan (China Daily)

16:27, March 11, 2013

(file photo)

Inspired by China's most famous speed-dating show Fei Cheng Wu Rao (If You Are the One) a group of Chinese college students in Chicago has put out three consecutive programs for singles.

Organized by the Chinese Student and Scholar Association at the University of Illinois at Chicago, the on-campus show on Friday featured five Chinese male contestants who used skits to show their talents and personalities as they tried to win the affection of five women from among 12 Chinese females.

"Chinese students studying overseas, including myself, have very limited access to a bigger social circle, and we hope such an event can help a little bit," says Feng Xu, president of the association.

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Most of this year's 17 contestants are full-time students in Chicago - at UI-Chicago, the Art Institute of Chicago or DePaul University.

The association has spread the dating game show's popularity beyond Chicago, Xu says. "As the overall quality of the contestants goes up, we're gaining more recognition," he says.

The organization launched its speed-dating competition in 2011, one year after Jiangsu TV started its top-rated original. That show has already match-made several couples, with about 10 pairs in relationships now, Xu says.

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