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Guizhou Sunshine Project, the Road of Innovation (2)

(People's Daily Online)

19:45, December 27, 2012

Besides transit trafficking and consumption of drugs, another reason for such large base number of drug addicts was too many migration workers who became infected by drugs. Guizhou is a large province in terms of migration workers and nearly 5 million people went out for work every year. Especially some people from poverty stricken and remote mountainous areas have low educational level and lack awareness of the dangers of drugs, and as a result, some of them were seduced to the road of drug using. Other migrant workers lack the skills to earn a living and when they saw drug trafficking can be a quick path to becoming rich, they transported the drugs from outside to the local by means of sneak carrying, with families and neighborhood as teams, under which influence a lot of people came down with drug using habit. According to statistics, drug addicts that have been seized by the public security organs of Guizhou province raised by 19,926 people from 2007 to 2011, accounting for 34.06% of the total number of newly increased drug users Guizhou. Some drug users are even willing to take the risks of engaging in criminal activities for the purpose of raising drug money, which triggered frequent robbery, theft, and other usurpation cases and many social problems. In some places, criminal cases triggered by the drug problem accounted for more than 15% of the total number of criminal cases, seriously affecting the people’s sense of security. According to the results of a survey on the masses’ sense of security in Guizhou province, 11.48% respondents believed that the “drug using and trafficking” phenomenon is serious and ranks the third place (after “theft” and “robbery”) among the social security problems that affects the masses’ sense of security.

While the number of drug users is very large, the task of drug prevention and treatment faces the worldwide common troubles of “difficult to consolidate after quitting”, “difficult in management and control”, and “difficult to return to the society”. “Once drug using, a lifetime of treatment” becomes the reflection of the realistic life of many drug addicts after exposure to drugs, which shows the evident dependence of addicts on drugs. According to statistics, the relapse rate of drug addicts across the country is as high as 82%. One of the hard problems most urgent and necessary to crack in the drug prevention and rehabilitation tasks is how to let the addicts walk out of the vicious cycle of “addiction - treatment - re-addiction – re-treatment” and to let these wayward people to return to the society and start a normal life. In this regard, Guizhou province firmly grasps the important starting point of strengthening and innovating in social management, boldly innovates in solving the hard problem of recovery difficulties, and has explored new ways in constructing the “Sunshine Project” with Guizhou characteristics.

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