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Magic Carnival to feature top guns

(China Daily)

10:02, December 01, 2012

A display of wizardry comes from exhibitor Guo Xunjie at an exhibition in Changping, Beijing, on the sidelines of the China Beijing International Magic Carnival, on Nov 30, 2012. [Feng Yongbin / China Daily]

Real magic takes place in Beijing's Changping district on Friday and Saturday.

The First China Beijing International Magic Carnival, attended by more than 50 magicians from 22 countries and regions, kicked off on Friday at Changping Gymnasium.

Held by the Ministry of Culture, China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and Beijing Municipal Government, the carnival started with an eye-dazzling opening ceremony, featuring performances from the world's top magicians, including Danny Cole from the United States, Richard Forget from Canada, and Yann Frisch and Jerome Jonas Helfenstein from France.

Beijing magician Li Ning, the only Asian magician to won the Gold Magic Stick Award in 2007, made models appear out of thin air when the show starts. After him, Yu Ho-jin from South Korea wowed the audience with fast-changing poker cards.

Cole used a wooden chair leg as his magic wand to play with furniture. His act includes making chairs float in the air, making newspapers fold themselves, and turning music CDs into a bling-bling papers flying everywhere on the stage. Sittah, a group of five female magicians, gave a fusion performance of magic and dance.

Also in the coming two days, celebrated Taiwan magician Lu Chen, who shot to fame on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, stage an unbelievable show.

The carnival features not only magic performances, but also forums and competitions. Audience can also find out some secrets of magic at the special magic performance tool exhibition.

Domenico Dante, president of the International Federation of Magic Societies, Gerrit Brengman, vice-president of federation, and Dai Wuqi, president of the federation's China Association, will be the judges of the magic competition in the coming days.

"Over the past several years, China's magic, in all forms, has reached the maturity and sophistication that equals its society," Dante said.


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