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Businessman arrested after accusations

(Global Times)

15:56, November 30, 2012

A businessman from Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, was arrested Tuesday after he accused a local community official of accumulating assets worth some 2 billion yuan ($317 million).

Zhou Zujie, the businessman, was charged with false declaration of registered capital, after he claimed that Zhou Weisi, the Nanlian community head who has been suspended, owned more than 80 properties and 20 luxurious cars.

The community head denied the accusations saying the businessman held a grudge after the two were involved in a previous demolition dispute.

The community head told the Yangcheng Evening News that he earned his wealth while he was in business earlier.

Netizens are suggesting the arrest may be connected to his accusations against the official.

An announcement of the arrest approved by the police instead of the prosecutor's office as required raised more questions. Local police admitted the warrant was issued by "mistake" and it had been corrected.

The police also said that the arrest had nothing to do with the businessman's accusations. An investigation found Zhou's acts were "a danger to society."

An official from Longgang subdistrict office told the Global Times that Zhou Weisi was under investigation.

Yang Ziyang, lawyer with the Beijing-based Long'an Law Firm, said that it is odd for the police to label someone accused of economic crimes "dangerous," which is a term used to describe violent offenders.

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