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Woman, 25, stunned to find she was actually a man

(Shanghai Daily)

10:29, November 08, 2012

A 25-year-old woman in Hubei Province was found to be a man during a hospital check to find out why she never had a menses, local media reported.

The woman surnamed Zhang is a teacher from Jingmen City in Hubei. She is good looking and has many male admirers. But she never had a period and was diagnosed in a local clinic as suffering from amenorrhea.

Zhang decided to take another examination as her family was worried that the disease might prevent her from having her baby after she got married, the Wuhan Morning Post reported.

But a B-ultrasonic scan report from Wuhan University People's Hospital stunned her. The report said she had no womb but there was a vagina and two ball-shaped shadows in her abdomen, which doctors believed are her retained testicles, the paper said.

The reason she never had a period is because she is biologically a male, the newspaper reported.

Wang Songshan, a professor at the hospital, said Zhang is a hermaphrodite with both testicles and an ovary. Although she looks like a woman, her chromosome indicates she is a man.

Zhang went through a surgery on October 20 to remove her retained testicles. Doctors said she can have normal sex life but she will not be able to conceive a child.
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