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China's "leftover women" unite this Singles Day


14:46, November 11, 2011

BEIJING, Nov. 10 (Xinhua) -- In China, where marriage at a young age has long been the norm, women who remain unattached in their prime often find themselves under pressure to seek a husband.

However, for 30-year-old Zhou Xin, a website editor from Zhengzhou city in north China,there is no hurry.

On Singles Day, which falls on Friday, a large lonely hearts party with the theme of "casting off the single status on Singles Day" will be organized in the city's downtown area, but that does not appeal to Zhou.

"I think most of the people attending that kind of party are just there to amuse themselves instead of looking for a serious relationship. I prefer to let things happen naturally and I would like to wait for my Mr Right with patience," says Zhou.

"My parents used to set me up with people, and I was forced to go on blind dates many times, but none of them worked out," Zhou continues, adding that she is actually at ease with single life right now.

"Though I feel some pressure, I see no harm with being single. I would rather stay unattached than end up married to a man I don't really love," she explains.

Zhou is not alone. Experts say there is a growing number of single women in China who are learning to embrace single life, and the "leftover women" phenomenon can be seen as a reflection of Chinese women ascending in social status.

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