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A place that offers help to young women

(China Daily)

15:24, November 08, 2011

Failed contraception leads to having a baby: That's the gist of the young man's sign as university students promote spreading information about preventing pregnancy on World Contraceptive Day, Sept 26, in Qingdao, Shandong province. [Photo/ China Daily]

Matron Feng Shuang arrives every morning at the Qingdao You&Me Adolescent Health Service Center about 9, half an hour ahead of opening.

No one waits at the door while she unlocks it, but as soon as it opens three or four young women hurry in to the waiting room.

"Our center provides services for young people, and the majority of customers are here for induced abortion. They often wait in nearby shops for fear they'll be recognized," Feng said.

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