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Shanghai, Taiwan police bust fraud ring

By Chen Xiaoru (Global Times)

09:23, November 06, 2012

Police in Shanghai and Taiwan have teamed up to bust a telecom fraud ring that scammed more than 6 million yuan ($960,330) from victims on the Chinese mainland and elsewhere, local police said Monday.

It was the first time that police from Shanghai flew to Taiwan to work jointly on a case. Earlier this month, police arrested 37 suspects from the mainland and Taiwan following a year-long investigation, according to a press release from the Shanghai Public Security Bureau. They confiscated 554,000 new Taiwan dollars and froze 680,000 yuan in victims' money.

"There have been more telecom fraud cases where criminals spread their network overseas, which makes it easier for them to avoid the police," said Ye Jianchao, a press officer from the Shanghai police. "So we plan strengthen our cooperation with Taiwan police in dealing with such crimes."

Local police got onto the case after encountering several criminal complaints that pointed to a telecom fraud ring that was operating between Taiwan and the mainland.

In one case, a Shanghai man got bilked out of 2 million yuan by a scammer posing as a police officer. The victim, surnamed Gao, received a phone call from a woman last month, who told him he had unpaid telecom bills. The woman transferred Gao's call to a fake telecom company and a man posing as a police officer from the Hubei Province Public Security Bureau.

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