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PLA's new-type ship-borne fire-fighting technique tops world

(China Military Online)

09:23, May 31, 2013

BEIJING, May 30, (ChinaMil) --The world's first-ever turbojet fire truck combining multiple fire-extinguishing agents, which was produced by a research institute under the Equipment Department of the Navy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLAN), made its debut at the 15th International Fire Protection Equipment Technology Conference and Exposition on May 7, 2013.

The powder extinguishing agent widely used on warships of various navies has such common problems as no "total flooding" fire-extinguishing performance, poor coordination with water extinguishing agents and corrosion of metal parts of warships after fire-extinguishing. A research institute under the Equipment Department of the PLAN introduced the concept of "particle functionalization design" and the micro-nano particle composite technology, and developed a new-type environment-friendly ship-borne fire-extinguishing agent and supporting devices, with the overall technology reaching the international advanced level.

It is learnt that the achievement is suitable not only for fire-extinguishing and prevention of weaponry and equipment including warships and aircraft, but also for fire protection support of major military areas including onshore military oil depots and weaponry and ammunition depots, and it is also of special significance for rapid fire-extinguishing of other major military and civilian fire-fighting fields.

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