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68 animal species endangered in Bolivia: study


13:11, May 31, 2013

LA PAZ, May 30 (Xinhua) -- Andean mountain cat, giant otter and other 66 animal species in Bolivia are in danger of extinction due to illegal hunting, deforestation and pollution, a study warned Thursday. According to the research State of Bolivia's Environment, hairy armadillo and deer, blue-throated and red-fronted macaws are also endangered.

The study, conducted by private body, the Environmental Defense League, blamed poor law enforcement for the endangered species and called on the Bolivian government to take serious actions against poaching and animal trafficking.

The survival of a total of 314 animal species are threatened, including condor, harpy eagle, hyacinth macaw, black caiman and spider monkeys, the report said.

Human development and exploitation of natural resources have affected the country's 22 protected areas, home to 70 percent of the country' s flora and fauna, it noted.

Voluntary environmentalists with the Environmental Defense League are planning to hold events in La Paz and El Alto to raise public awareness on bio-diversity.

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