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30 wushu masters join PLA Marine Corps

China Military Online)  10:04, December 21, 2012

The picture shows that two wushu masters are in confrontation training. (File Photo)

30 newly-recruited members of the Marine Corps under the Navy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) became beautiful scenery on their way to Zhanjiang of south China's Guangdong province on the morning of December 19, 2012, because all of them are wushu (Chinese martial arts) masters and some of them were even world champions.

Yan Kangli, 20 years old, was a world Sanshou (free sparring) champion. He was admitted to a wushu school at the age of 16. During the Wushu Sanshou Championship of the 9th Hong Kong Wushu International Championship, he won 6 matches successively against top Sanshou practitioners from 16 countries and was finally awarded the first place of Male 60kg Sanshou.

He Mingjun, 24 years old, was a wushu coach. He was obsessed with military affairs. He won the championship of Male 56kg Sanshou of central China’s Henan province.

Zhu Hongzhen was born into a wushu family. He began to practice wushu after his father when he was five years old. He won many championships in Chinese boxing, swordsmanship and pair exercise, etc.

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