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China's growing military strength means more chances for peace

(Global Times)

08:48, November 05, 2012

Recently, there have been a lot of discussions in overseas media about the successful first test flight of China's second kind of fifth generation stealth fighter, the J-31. If the reports are correct, it means that China is developing two kinds of fifth generation stealth fighters at the same time. Only the US has ever owned two kinds of fifth generation stealth fighters.

In recent years, China has continued to develop its aerospace industry, so as to catch up with the most advanced in the world. It is possible that China will make some new breakthroughs. With new high technology being developed, the gap between the Chinese air force and world-class level air forces will continue to narrow.

However, China should remain clear-headed about this. Currently, we have made some concrete progress. But much remains to be done to bring the whole defense equipment system to the same advanced level. China still has a long, tough road to undergo in this regard.

China can compete with neither the US nor Russia in terms of comprehensive military strength, a situation which will continue for a long time. Chinese people will never have the mentality of engaging in a worldwide confrontation with the US. Amid frictions with the US, China has no other needs than to defend its own core interests, a mentality that the country should persevere with.

Due to China's current military strength, other countries do not dare to blindly challenge China's core interests or risk engaging in military confrontation with it. However, it does not mean that foreign forces will not dare to launch a war against China under any circumstances.

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Mohamed Al Hashimi at 2012-11-1182.145.209.*
China could make their subways as a protection area for Chinese People in any wars.
Mohamed Al Hashimi at 2012-11-1182.145.209.*
China could make their subways as a place to protect Chinese People in the war.
Joeg Hammerslw at 2012-11-11180.192.55.*
Core interests sometimes are at odds with other countrieS core interestes, other nationS and International Law.

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