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Why are "two sessions" held in March?

(People's Daily Online)

17:04, February 28, 2013

[Budget] Convenience for formulation of budget

Qin Qianhong, professor of constitutional law at Wuhan University found through his studies that the convening dates of the “two sessions" are determined on the basis of summarizing former experiences and following routine practices. It is a relatively suitable choice to hold the conferences in March.

Liu Shangxi, deputy director of the Institute for Fiscal Science under the Ministry of Finance said that the fiscal year is accounted in accordance with the calendar year. If the Nation People's Congress (NPC) holds the conference too early, relevant statistical data would not have been submitted and the budge could only be formulated based on the previous year and would be inaccurate.

Liu Shangxi said by holding the “two sessions" in March, sufficient spare time can be set aside for statistics and summarization. The legality of the fiscal expenditure in the first quarter can be settled through methods authorized by the NPC Standing Committee.

"The Lunar New Year (the Spring Festival) usually comes at the end of January and the beginning January of the solar calendar. After the Spring Festival, some time should be set aside for representatives and committee members to make preparation. This is also a factor to be considered in determining the convening time of the 'two sessions'," said Qin Qianhong.

After determining the time and duration of the “two sessions", it also had an impact on the organization of work schedules of the Party and state leaders. Qin Qianhong said that generally no visit to foreign countries or other important trip will be arranged for the leaders during the sessions in March in order to guarantee attendance at the “two sessions".

Read the Chinese version: “两会”为何3月召开?;; Author: Song Shijing

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