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Video: N. China NPC member focuses on disabled elderly


15:12, February 27, 2013

China’s yearly political season, when the National People’s Congress and the Chinese Political Consultative Conference meet, will be held next month. Lawmakers have been preparing for their proposals. The proposals usually cover many different fields of people’s life.

Guo Xinzhi has been a member of the National People’s Congress for 10 years. As the Vice Chairman of Shanxi Disabled Persons’ Federation, she has devoted herself to the issue of disabled elderly for more than a decade.

Guo said, “What happened to your foot? Do you have a Disabled Card?”

Resident of Taiyuan, Shanxi province, said, “No, I don’t have one. I fell and twisted my foot last year. My only son is also disabled. We live on his subsidy of 680 yuan every month. ”

Guo Xinzhi went to eleven cities and more than a hundred of counties within the province in the past year, visiting many communities, families and nursing homes there.

Guo said, “During my visits, I found most elderly people stay at home. Many are in their fifties and only have one child. Ten years later, many of them may well become the disabled elderly. It will be worse if they lost their only child. Many seniors said the community nursing service needs to be improved. And the capacity of nursing homes is far from enough.”

Guo Zhixin pointed out China is facing a fast-growing aging population. There will be a huge demand for nursing services for the elderly, especially those disabled. But neither the quantity nor the quality of the present nursing homes can meet the needs.

Guo said, “We should establish related systems and put more investment to build sufficient nursing homes. Besides, we must promote the Chinese filial piety culture. I suggest middle-aged people take care for the elderly as volunteers. Their volunteering work should be recorded in a system. When these volunteers get old, they can enjoy nursing services as much as they’ve provided before. ”

Guo Zhixin has been making related proposals for the elderly for at least ten years. She said this year’s proposal will focus more on implementation of related policies.
Hu said, “When talking about the elderly, Guo Xinzhi reiterates filial piety is a very important part in Chinese culture. However, seniors still need effective government policies and mechanisms to guarantee their fundamental well-being is protected. “

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