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University girl who designed a double-deck train won national patent

(People's Daily Online)

16:08, February 27, 2013

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Move baggage holders to the aisles and put some sleeping berths above the hard seats.

During the journey of Spring Festival travel peak this year, some people stood on the train aisles, some slept there and some crowded outside the washing rooms. A university student thought it was too crowded so she changed the design of hard-seat cars into two-deck ones, which rationally uses the space and adds more sleeping berths. This design made her win the national utility model patent of invention.

Design reason
Most times the aisles of trains are empty. People who travel by train, especially those who take the train during the Spring Festival season have the feeling that aisles, boiling water places and outside washing rooms are full of people. Almost all the places that can be used are occupied and it is very inconvenient for passengers to move around. "Actually, the largest and wasted space in a train is the one above the aisles", said Jian Xuelian, the designer of innovative hard-seat car for trains.

Design principle
Add more sleeping berths: after many corrections, Jian Xuelian had an innovative design; move the baggage holders on the left and right side originally to the empty space above the aisles and use that place above the seats to install more sleeping berth. "People can remove these sleeping berths and get back into the original shape when the Spring Festival season is over", said by Jian, adding that "the spaces that were often empty and seldom used in the past can be used to add more sleeping berths, so this design can help relieve the stress during the Spring Festival season, and at the same time, the railway authority can also increase income".

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