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A 'high-risk stage' for officials in the future

(People's Daily Online)

15:53, January 28, 2013

Besides Lei Zhengfu, another 10 party and government cadres as well as corporate principals were removed from their posts because of involvement in indecent video scandals. Such a concentrated exposure of official’s scandal may exert a systematic far-reaching impact on China's social society.

What surprised us most is not the downfall of several officials, but people’s zeal to find more such scandals and their exaggerated cheer upon the exposure, which is quite a unique scene in today's China. Among a number of reasons for this, the root can be traced to the social injustice and people's discontent accumulated wherefrom.

Fighting against corruption surely will form a strong inertia which may result in significant adjustment to the official administration system in turn. China is now resolutely recovering through institutional policies and mass approaches the variety of “stealth welfares” grabbed by the officials over the years. The general direction has been certain despite there is a long journey ahead.
The public will not shift the focus on the official’s groups away in pursuit of social justice until officials are deprived of stealth welfare and chance to corruption, and the officials work as cautiously as they can because of strong enough occupational risks laid ahead of them.

Chinese officials are going to face a "high risk stage" for a long term in the future during which not only corruption is to be clamped down, but also the moral anomie is going to bring increasingly severe consequences to their career.

Read the Chinese vision: 未来将是官员“高危期”; Source: People's Daily;


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