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Is overseas returnee working as driver a waste of talents?

(People's Daily Online)

15:13, January 28, 2013


After studying abroad, some students coming back to China to serve as security guards, bakery businessmen, village officials, drivers, receptionists …. It is no news any more. Is it a waste of talents to have the overseas returnees engaged in grass-roots work?

A professor from China University of Political Science and Law said, "For those who have studied abroad, how to start a career is the result of their rational choice, and there is no need to fuss over it.”

According to the professor, it is inevitable that some of those who have studied abroad are relegated to grass-roots services with China's social and economic growth. It indicates not only fluctuations in the job market, faults in education, but the blindness in the choice of schooling. Starting from the bottom is good, instead of bad, for long-term development.

Expert advice for those who have studied abroad and returned to engage themselves in grass-roots jobs:

1. Adjust psychologically to work conscientiously and build strong characters.

2. Identify and grasp proper career opportunities.

3. Combine comprehensive academic qualities acquired overseas with local culture, and apply to the job.

4. Comprehensively consider professional orientation and career planning.

The time has come for those who have studied abroad to be a commonplace. Passion for grass-roots jobs represent the attention that they have paid to their career paths. Starting from the bottom indicates rationality in their choices. It means neither the loss of their advantages nor the prospect of being bound to the bottom. It is far more sensible to lay a solid foundation at the grass root for future career paths than reach for what is beyond the grasp. Starting from the bottom is the beginning, rather than the end, of pursuing ambitions.

Read the Chinese version:留学投资十几万 海归做保安当司机你怎么看?; Source: People's Daily Online

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