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200 year-old-Grimm's fairy tales keep passing on [video]


14:48, January 28, 2013

As time goes by, the first book of tales by the Brothers Grimm has just turned 200 years old. (cntv)

Cinderella, Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood. Many children across the globe have grown up with these famous fairy tales. As time goes by, the first book of tales by the Brothers Grimm has just turned 200 years old. It’s hard to imagine just how many generations have been entertained by these fantastic stories!

The Grimm brothers’ first book of fairy tales was published in 1812, and contained 86 stories. It was called The Children’s and Household Tales. With this volume, the brothers wanted to honor an already existing work of German cultural history that was at risk of being lost. Their wish indeed came true, these stories are world famous and have been translated into more than 160 languages.

Annemarie Reichel, Hanau resident, said, "Many fairy tales which I know from my childhood, and which I read to my daughter, I will now pass on to my grandchildren."

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were born in the central German town of Hanau. And they spent most of their adult life collecting folk stories in Kassel. Their house is now a museum.

Bernhard Lauer, Director of Brothers Grimm Museum, said, "The Brothers Grimm ’Children’s and Household Tales’ are the most widespread and most illustrated books in German history. Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm represent the positive side of German history and so they can also be seen as ambassadors for German culture across the world."

The Brothers Grimm fairy tales are not only popular among children, adults love reading them too. In the 200 years, the stories and the heroes in them have been adapted and interpreted according to the different times and circumstances.

In a small theater in Berlin called the Fairy Tale Grotto, a new adaptation for adults of another of the Grimm’s story, Hansel and Gretel, is being performed. Snow White, Puss in Boots and other fairy tales by the renowned Grimm brothers have been adapted for the stage for both children and adults.

The whole of Germany will be celebrating their anniversary till September this year. Kassel will host the main celebrations, Grimm 2013, a festival of cultural events ranging from operas, to readings and exhibitions of their works.

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