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Ex-bank chief 'held 4 hukou to buy property'

By Li Yao in Beijing, Lu Hongyan in Xi'an and Sun Ruisheng in Taiyuan (China Daily)

09:14, January 23, 2013

One of the properties owned by Gong Aiai in Beijing's Chaoyang district. Provided to China Daily

Police are investigating a former bank executive who was accused of holding four hukou, or household registrations, that she used to buy many properties.

Gong Aiai, 49, a former deputy chief of Shenmu Rural Commercial Bank, was exposed in an online post on Jan 17 that said she used two identity cards, one of them fake, to buy expensive properties.

Identity cards are issued on the basis of hukou.

News media have reported that she owns more than 20 properties in Beijing, worth 1 billion yuan ($160 million).

On Monday, a whistleblower told Beijing Times that Gong had four IDs and four hukou, including one near the Olympic Park in Beijing, the newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Police in Shenmu county, Shaanxi province, canceled a fake ID card of Gong's on Saturday. They said Gong registered it in neighboring Shanxi province in 2006 by using her real photo, but under a different name, Gong Xianxia, and a different birth date.

The chief of the police station and the officer who handled Gong's application in Linxian county, Shanxi province, were suspended, pending further investigation.

The police station released a statement on Saturday acknowledging the officers' negligence regarding the fake ID.

Police in both provinces met with each other and vowed to investigate and provide timely disclosure of their findings.

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