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Dragon Boat Festival is not just about eating rice dumplings

(People's Daily Online)

14:28, June 14, 2013

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Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Passing on our traditional cultures and penetrating them into peoples' hearts are not unsolvable issues. It can be proved by our neighboring countries like Japan and South Korea.

On the day of Dragon Boat Festival, rice dumplings are sold everywhere.

However, through the "dense holiday atmosphere", people still have helpless indifferent feelings. Over thousands of years, those traditions, rich cultural foundations, spiritual values and idealistic feelings attached to the Dragon Boat Festival have faded away and the festival has been reducing to rice dumplings under the influences of modern civilization.

Even rice dumplings have lost its traditional cultures and become the tool for business competition. How many people are making rice dumplings by hands in this noisy and fierce competition? According to Xinhua News Agency, in Jiaxing, a city in Zhejiang Province famous for rice dumplings, local fields cannot provide high-quality materials for making rice dumpling.

Like the Spring Festival and the Qingming Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival also rose in the agricultural society, but it has been impacted by modern civilization. With reduced ceremony, faded respect and less cultural influences, eating rice dumplings is the only thing left which satisfies peoples' needs. How can the Dragon Boat Festival be less materialized?

From the perspective of traditional culture, the Dragon Boat Festival becoming the "rice dumpling festival" reduces complexity; from the view of the general public, it is a passive choice. This is easy to explain. Over these years, in treating those traditional festivals, we have got used to rely on the way of "stimulate consumption", but forgotten to add some new and popular cultural elements to fill in the places of lost traditional ceremonies and contents. As time flies, we have to let those indelicate but practical business activities to fill the "blank".

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