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Art photos capture changing city

(Shanghai Daily)

09:09, April 09, 2013

Award-winning photographs of Shanghai show both the evolution and development of the city and of photography itself.

The "Shanghai International Photographic Art Exhibition," a biennial event since 1986, is organized by the Shanghai Photographers' Association and the China Art Museum, Shanghai.

It features 250 award-winning photos from the exhibition over the years.

"Some of the photos used film and some were taken digitally," says Guo Jinrong, with the organizer. "Looking through photographers' lenses, it is a true glimpse of how society changed dramatically and how the shooting techniques changed strikingly with advanced technology."

Some photos taken several decades ago were damaged over time and Guo and his team restored them.

"In the case of photos that were seriously damaged, we tried to find albums where the pictures had been printed," Guo says. "Based on this, we succeeded in 'rescuing' them for this exhibition."

The photos cover a range of styles, including documentary, photo journalism, art and commercial advertisement.

"I was moved to see one of my old winning photos appear in this new exhibition," says 70-year-old Yin Mengzhen, a local photographer. "I had lost the film for this picture. When I look at the woman in the picture here, I am at a loss for words."

Yin's black-and-white photo captures a woman dancing. It has a modern aesthetic.

"I am surprised to find that this picture was shot in the 1980s," says Jay Wu, a local shutterbug. "The lighting and composition are good. It reminds me of the classical style of portraiture in Shanghai. I may create something similar."

The Shanghai International Photographic Art Exhibition was honored in 2008 by La Federation De L'Art Photgraphphique (FIAP).

Date: Through May 12, 9am-5pm

Venue: China Art Museum, Shanghai, 161 Shangnan Rd, Pudong

Admission: Free

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