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Workers destroying birds' nests stirs controversy


08:22, April 09, 2013

A picture circulating on the Internet of a worker at a Shanghai university destroying birds' nests on campus to avoid spreading the H7N9 bird flu virus has triggered heated discussions.

The picture shows workers at Shanghai Jiao Tong University using a crane to reach the birds' nests.

The university has confirmed the picture is authentic and said the nests were destroyed to prevent the potential risk of a H7N9 bird flu virus outbreak.

But this move also triggered heated discussions.

Some teachers and students said this move might disrupt the ecological balance of the campus.

"No cogent evidence has indicated the birds on the campus carry H7N9 virus. It is unnecessary to destroy the nests, though it's well-intentioned," said Tao Lina, a public health expert from Shanghai Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Shanghai University also released a series of measures to prevent the H7N9 bird flu virus from spreading. It requires that all birds along the river be quarantined by the sanitation center, and people who are responsible for disinfecting and raising birds should adopt relevant precautionary measures.

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