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The job of building heavenly homeland

People's Daily Online)  07:49, April 09, 2013  

Hu Jinjia works in his paper offerings studio.  (Photo/

Edited and translated by Wang Xin, People's Daily Online.

Hu Jinjia runs a studio for making and selling paper-made consumer products to the dead in Shanghai.

His products are more special, fine, delicate, lifelike, and advanced than the old-fashioned paper-made offerings. Some of the paper products he made look exactly like the real things. He said his works were inspired by life, and these products involve all aspect in life including villas, top-brand cars, yachts, luxury bags and shoes, PC games, etc.

His job is not good choice as long-life career in peoples opinions, and he is not understood sometimes. But he said: "Our job is to honor the dead, console the bereaved families, and wish the dead live better in the heaven. I hope people can understand us."

In addition to paper imitations of electronic devices, luxury items like Apple products, Louis Vuitton bags, BMW, or other products for adults, he also makes "special gifts" for dead kids, such as mini playground, colorful and childish houses. He hopes kids in the heave also feel being loved and enjoy things of he made.

And each of his works is well packed as a gift to bereaved family.

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(Editor:WangXin、Chen Lidan)


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