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'Little Psy' wants to be more famous

By U-Jean Jung (CNTV)

13:35, February 06, 2013

Key Words: Psy; Gangnam Style
>> Psy to join Shanghai Spring Festival gala
>> Psy stages first commercial show on Chinese mainland

Since South Korean Rapper Psy's "Gangnam Style" became a global hit, another "smaller" figure in this music video left a strong impression on many of its 1.2 billion viewers. "Little Psy" says he wants to become more famous than Psy one day.

This toothless dance wonder has been "horse-riding" his way to international stardom.

After a brief nine-second appearance as Korean Rapper Psy's playground mini-me figure in the "Gangnam Style" music video, the 7-year-old Korean boy has already performed in the US, Vietnam, China, and the Philippines. And he's appeared in commercials such as this one.

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