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Top micro movies screened after netizens cast votes

By Xu Wei   (Shanghai Daily)

08:20, January 29, 2013

Compared with big-screen films, Internet micro movies lasting around 30 minutes are a new genre in which young filmmakers can express themselves and even get a big break.

Based on Internet votes professional appraisal, 30 award-winning micro movies can be viewed at All the films are less than 30 minutes long.

All were shot by college students with DV, cell phone and digital cameras.

The competition held by the Wenhui Daily attracted more than 2,000 entries.

The subject matter is diverse. All films take an interesting perspective on a range of topics, use creative cinema photography and connect with the audience.

Among the 10 that received best film awards, Xiao Zhixuan and Yang Junfeng's "Run Slower, My Pony" centers on a village school teacher who devotes his life to helping drop-out students return to the classroom.

Chen Jing's documentary "Dream of Nanyin Music" looks at a 1,000-year-old traditional opera sung in southern Fujian Province. It aims to encourage protection of intangible cultural heritage.

"Ambition of the Baker" by Xie Yuhang tells a heartwarming story of a boy who wanted to become a baker and turns his dream into reality after many years of effort.

The works are generally thought-provoking and shot from a fresh perspective.

Most directors are amateurs, who are encouraged by the Internet vote and critics' reviews to make more micro films and aim for small-budget movies.

This is the "micro era" in China where smart devices and video-sharing websites make it possible to spread the works of aspiring filmmakers.

Micro movies are easy to make and interactive, so filmmakers can get real-time feedback from viewers online.

Directors of the winning films will be considered for a long-term project involving contracts for first-time micro filmmakers.

The organizing committee aims to promote micro movies of increasingly high quality.

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