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News Analysis: Political stalemate in Yemen requires true domestic reconciliation

By Fuad Rajeh (Xinhua)

08:20, January 29, 2013

SANAA, Jan. 28 (Xinhua) -- A delegation from the UN Security Council has arrived Sunday in Yemen's capital Sanaa and held meetings on several issues including the political process, Al- Qaida and the south amid political impasse affecting the transition, especially the preparations for a comprehensive dialogue conference.

Observers argue that the visit and meetings of the UN delegation may not help put an end to the political stalemate and that only the Yemeni people can do something to go ahead positively.

Abdul Ghani Al-Maweri, a political analyst and writer, said Yemen is experiencing a clear political stalemate as the traditional political groups exaggerate and insist on their demands to retard progress and change in the country.

"The revolution did not lead to new political elites, a fact which makes the traditional forces fight and obstruct the transition through their ambitions," Al-Maweri said.

It was clear from the statements of UN officials and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) secretary general that the visit was aimed at reiterating support to Yemeni President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi on key issues including the restructuring of the armed forces and holding a comprehensive dialogue as soon as possible, he said.

Yet, even Hadi is receiving huge regional and international support, "relying on this support will not help if the Yemenis themselves insist on disagreement," he added. "The international community can't do something for us, if we don't like to help ourselves."

Khalid Al-Hammadi, another political analyst, said the impasse here requires true domestic reconciliation while banking solely on the international community is not a good idea.

"After the visit of the UN delegation, I expect the UN security council will issue a resolution to accelerate holding the Yemeni dialogue which has been delayed for months," said Al-Hammadi.

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