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Secret behind Yuan's great-tasting Peking roast ducks

By Ye Jun (China Daily)

16:04, January 28, 2013

Yuan Chaoying hopes to keep Peking roast duck's taste traditional and unchanged.(China Daily)

Among the vast number of restaurant kitchens in Beijing, there are many that merit both diner devotion and media attention. But, as Ye Jun points out, there are also the quiet achievers who are slowly making a name for themselves through steady hard work and outstanding quality.

Chef Yuan Chaoying insists there is no secret behind his great-tasting Peking roast ducks.

"If there is anything, use good ingredients and follow each step correctly," he says.

Yuan, a Beijinger, was executive chef of the legendary Ya Yuan, tucked away in a 3-star State-run hotel. Its roast duck had attracted the rich in Beijing and even dedicated diners from Hong Kong and Macao.

Before that, Yuan had worked as a chef for 23 years at Quanjude Peking Roast Duck's Hepingmen branch.

His roast duck pedigree is impeccable and Yuan has set his own standards. His ducks must be roasted to a dark date-red glaze, he says, a color that he thinks is most attractive.

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