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Women claim hubby's income after marraige

By Xu Chi (Shanghai Daily)

08:40, January 23, 2013


Key Words: women; men; marriage; family; finance
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A survey by a matrimonial website has sparked online debate about who should control the finances at home, with a good majority of women insisting that men should "hand in" their salaries after marriage. interviewed over 50,000 youngsters, mainly those born after 1980.

It found that about 53.2 percent of women want men to give them their salary cards to run the house with only 17.9 percent men agreeing with that.

On the other hand, nearly 30 percent of male respondents said they needed the economic freedom at home and would not hand over their monthly pay.

The survey also revealed that about 34.3 percent of women - as against 25.6 percent men - were willing to stash away some money for their personal use. Not surprisingly, nearly 80 percent women said they wanted their husbands to be earning double than them. About 18 percent wished that figure to be three times more.

Also, many didn't want their partners to work in the entertainment business. Freelancers, flight attendants and tour guides were other fields of work that had few supporters. was abuzz after the release of the survey.

"I think husbands should volunteer to hand in their salary cards so they don't spend it unwisely or support mistresses," said a netizen named Nancy.

Another said it was impossible for him to live with only 500 yuan as monthly expenses.

"So they want their husbands to earn three times more than them and give them all the money? No wonder many of them are still single," wrote a netizen named Zhen Qiang.

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In the past it"s not uncommon for husbands to hand money over to wives for safe keeping, the trust deficit today is getting higher and higher.

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