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Vintage clothing sweeps back-Time is money

(China Daily)

08:45, January 07, 2013

Top: Lolo Love Vintage store collects and sells vintage clothes from around the world. Above: Taiwan trader Yu Hsiao-wei has opened an online vintage jewelry business and believes the mainland is a promising market. (Photos/China Daily)

Vintage clothing is becoming fashionable and stores are sprouting like mushrooms, says Li Xinzhu in Shanghai, but that doesn't mean the market doesn't have its problems.

With its exaggerated cutting, ornate colors and classic designs, vintage clothing has at long last become fashionable in China. People under 30 are primarily responsible for the trend, says Lolo Luo, the owner of Lolo Love Vintage, a store in Shanghai that opened three years ago.

The trend follows in the footsteps of many Western countries where the nostalgic and cutting-edge fashionistas routinely dig out perfectly fine clothes, accessories, jewelry and all kinds of mysterious items from the past.

London is particularly famous for vintage or heritage clothing and stores are often found on the corners of small streets, decorated in warm colors and lit by soft lights.

After relocating three times, Lolo Love Vintage has finally settled on Yongfu Road in Xuhui district and its bright blue decor makes it stand out.

Luo was formerly a stylist, so she knows a bit about the latest fashions. She has chosen to focus on vintage clothing despite the complications they brings, because they are quite different from the mass produced items of today.

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Sheffield, BackInStyle.c at 2013-01-0876.26.49.*
Vintage is such a fun trend, and not just for people under 30. It"s affordable and experimental, and allows you to wear so many things you otherwise wouldn"t find in stores.

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