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Second online Chinese film festival launched in Bulgaria


09:22, December 20, 2012

SOFIA, Dec. 19 (Xinhua) -- The second online film festival titled "Weeks of Chinese Cinema" was officially launched here on Wednesday evening.

Six famous Chinese kungfu movies will be streamed without cost for three weeks on, the largest video-sharing site in Bulgaria, its CEO Emanuil Manolov said at the launching ceremony.

Liu Yonghong, cultural counselor at the Chinese embassy in Sofia, said the second edition of this festival would allow more Bulgarians to see Chinese films and feel the attractiveness of Chinese traditions and modern culture.

The festival is organized by China Radio International, the Chinese Embassy in Bulgaria and Netinfo, the parent company of Vbox7.

An average of 5,000 online viewers have seen each of the six Chinese films shown at the first festival held in January this year, Daniela Petrova-Ustamiteva, PR Manager of Netinfo, told Xinhua.

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