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Five things not to do when getting up at night

(People's Daily Online)

14:03, December 06, 2012


In cold winter night, many people may get up and use the toilet. When returning to bed, however, they could barely fall asleep. In fact, getting up at night does not affect sleep. You could fall back to sleep soon if you behave in a right way. A post recently published on the website tells us five things that you should not do when getting up at night.

First, you should not turn on a bright lamp. With bright light rays, your mind and body will be "freshening" at once. When getting up at night, you should remain in the dark, which makes it easier for you to fall back to sleep and does not interfere with other sleeping persons. You could put a small table lamp at the bedside, or turn on a wall lamp. Remember that these lamps should be easily accessible and turn on. For example, you can choose a touch inductive switch. Otherwise, you may wake up to consciousness when looking for the switch.

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yeyuan at 2012-12-07125.92.250.*
I like this passage,it make me understand more thing.

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