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Fed up with commute woes? try paragliding

By Dong Zhen  (Shanghai Daily)

10:32, November 14, 2012


Commuters who are fed up with traffic woes may find it a fanciful idea to travel by parachute gliding, but that is what some people are doing every day in Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province.

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Zeng Daxia, a 42-year-old civil servant and a retired professional parachute jumper, is now a member of a local paraglider club. Many club members chose to fly to work, today's Changzhutan Daily reported.

"After work, I would go to an open space along the Xiang River and fly home directly," Zeng told the newspaper in an interview.

The club has more than a dozen members and eight of them fly to work. They sometimes fly together, all considering it a very "cool and efficient" means of travel.

"I'm serious in the office but I become a different person once I put on my glider gear," Zeng said.

Their story has made headlines on many news websites in China. A reader named Zhang Long commented: "The Chinese government is planning to open low-altitude air space to private aircraft. It's good timing for this paragliding sport."





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