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Can you believe they are chocolate


11:10, November 13, 2012


Chocolate lovers met their muses at the 15th annual New York Chocolate Show on Friday. Some of the world's best chocolatiers and pastry chefs gathered together to present their treats in every shape and size.

The New York Chocolate Show kicked off with pastry chef Zac Young demonstrating how to make chocolate bacon hazelnut sticky buns. And chocolate sculptor Paul Joachim showed off his sweet incarnation of Lucille Ball.

Paul Joachim, Chocolate Sculptor, said, "We are working on the ’I Love Lucy’ scene when she is shoving chocolates into her mouth."

Next to Lucy stood Lady Chocolate, Vanessa Greeley, Sculptor, said, "She is completely entirely made out of dark chocolate because it has a high content of cocoa butter and it’s great for stability."

Lest you think this is child’s play, it’s not. Sculpting chocolate isn’t easy.

Paul Joachim, Sculptor, said, "Everything has to be prepared properly, it has to be tempered properly, it has to be the right temperature. So there are a lot of elements."

This year’s show was slightly smaller than usual owing to Super storm Sandy, but that didn’t stop this French painter from attending to showcase her paint-themed chocolates. And it didn’t stop the chocolate lovers either.

Rob Collier, Chocolate Lover, said, "We’re so excited to be at the chocolate show. We traveled from Michigan just to come to the chocolate show. This is our seventh year that we’ve done this and it’s a great activity for New York."

Companies from Paris to California are participating in the event. Visitors had the chance to sample chocolate covered bacon, wine infused chocolate and even eggs refilled with chocolate.

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