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Wow! world's longest 'millefeuille' cake[Video]


09:12, November 14, 2012

(Screenshot of the video/cntv)

Together with a team of 200 volunteers and professionals, Genevan baker and pastry maker Gilles Desplanches has put together the world’s longest "millefeuille" cake. At 1,221 meters, the cake bests the record held since 1992 by the Belgians.

Gilles Desplanches launched initial preparations for the world record attempt almost a year ago. He has spent some 1,000 working hours over the last couple weeks producing the different parts of the "millefeuille".

The cake consists of 3,600 meters of pastry divided into three layers, with a layer of milk chocolate cream and dark chocolate cream in between and topped with red icing.

To make a millefeuille this long, Desplanches needed some 875 litres of water and some 800 kilos of flour for the almost three tons of cake base and 400 kilos of chocolate. The cream weighed almost a ton.

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