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UFC China Show to find Bruce Lee II


08:33, July 12, 2013

BEIJING, July 11 (Xinhua) -- First-ever UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) China show The Ultimate Fighter China" kicked off here on Thursday, trying to find another Bruce Lee 40 years later.

The Chinese edition of the UFC's hit reality series "The Ultimate Fighter" marked a new, multi-year partnership between UFC, The Venetian Macao's CotaiArena, Sands China Ltd. and Liaoning Radio Television.

The 12-part series will be co-produced by UFC and Liaoning Radio Television, focusing on the best Chinese mixed martial artists in the world living, training and competing with each other to win a six-figure-dollar contract with the UFC.

The show is scheduled to broadcast in November on Liaoning Satellite TV, reaching more than 830 million viewers across China. The Finale event to determine the inaugural champion of "The Ultimate Fighter China" will be held at the Venetian Macao's CotaiArena in March, 2014.

"This is an unprecedented and truly groundbreaking program for any global sports league ever in china," said Mark Fischer, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of UFC Asia, who stated that no serious injuries happened during UFC's 20 years history.

"People see the UFC. They understand it. They love it."

According to Fischer, the social value of the event are physical fitness, pure competition, discipline respect, sportsmenship and self-confidence.

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