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Bulgaria remains divided on whether government should resign or not: survey


08:26, July 12, 2013

SOFIA, July 11 (Xinhua) -- A Gallup International survey released at a press conference here on Thursday showed that Bulgaria after four-week anti-government protests was divided on whether the cabinet should resign or not.

Forty-one percent of Bulgarians said the government elected at the end of May should resign, while 40 percent supported the government and 19 percent did not respond, the survey said.

However, 86 percent were of respondents said that their country needed a national consensus, and only 7 percent of those surveyed have participated in protests so far, Gallup International found.

If parliamentary elections were held in July, 21.6 percent of respondents would vote for the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), 17.8 percent for GERB party, 6.8 percent for DPS, and no other parties would overcome the four-percent barrier to enter the 240-seat parliament, the survey showed.

After the elections held two months ago, GERB party has 97 legislators, followed by BSP with 84, DPS with 36 and Ataka with 23, and a government led by the Socialist Party nominee Plamen Oresharski and backed also by DPS was elected at the end of May.

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