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One-tenth of condoms failed tests in Guangdong

By Hu Min (Shanghai Daily)

09:14, July 11, 2013

Around one-tenth of condoms failed quality tests conducted by authorities in Guangdong Province, and most of those defective condoms were found to have a pinhole.

The Guangdong Food and Drug Administration checked 109 batches of natural latex rubber condoms, and 11 were found to be substandard, it announced on its website yesterday.

Ten batches had quality problems involving a pinhole, while the others failed as a result of bursting.

Brands included Sixsex of Jissbon, Meini, Jiayuan and Jiayuan. They were produced by companies in Hebei, Guangdong and Shandong provinces.

These condoms have been ordered off shelves and their producers have been ordered to fix the problems.

The administration checked 624 batches of medical-related apparatuses and instruments such as condoms, contact lenses, wheelchairs and needles for anesthesia, and 48 failed tests.

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