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Camacho: compensation talks with CFA break down


11:03, July 06, 2013

BEIJING, July 5 (Xinhua) -- Sacked Chinese national team coach Jose Antonio Camacho's compensation talks with the Chinese Football Association (CFA) have broken down, his lawyer said on Friday.

A statement sent to Xinhua by Javier Ferrero, who represented Camacho in the talks with the CFA, said that "the CFA failed to fulfill the contract and despite our efforts to find a solution, we still could not reach an agreement."

"So we feel deep regret over the situation and according to relevant articles in the contract, we will seek assistance from world football governing body FIFA and the Court of Arbitration for Sport," added the statement.

The CFA spokesman was unavailable for comment on the statement at the moment.

According to the statement from Ferrero, the CFA informed Camacho on June 21 of its decision to terminate his duty as the head coach but also promised that CFA would fulfill the stipulations in the contract.

Camacho was dismissed following a 5-1 defeat at home to a second-string Thailand side, a humiliating result that sparked waves of criticism and ridicule online from Chinese fans.

The former Spain and Real Madrid coach was reported to have signed an 4.3-million-euro-a-year contract.

Under Camacho's helm, China won only seven of 20 games, losing 11.

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