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Nokia deal will not affect business in China

By SHEN JINGTING  (China Daily)

08:30, July 05, 2013

Nokia Siemens Networks' China President Markus Borchert said that the company's recent acquisition by Nokia would not adversely affect its business in China.

Borchert said that the move stabilized the company's ownership and clarified its governance, which will allow it to further sharpen its focus on meeting Chinese customers' needs for innovation, quality and value.

The company is already an established player in the Chinese market.

"While we expect to announce a new company name once the transaction is closed, which is anticipated in the third quarter, very little else will change,” Borchert said. Nokia will continue to support Nokia Siemens Networks in becoming a more independent entity, he added.

When it comes to the Chinese market, where China Mobile Ltd is offering tenders for 4G equipment, Borchert confirmed Nokia Siemens Networks would stick to its strategy and continue to be committed.

In an interview at the 2013 Mobile World Congress held in Spain in February, Borchert said China's 4G rollout will certainly have a big impact on Nokia Siemens Networks' performance.

"The year 2013 is very important because eyes are turning to China and China Mobile's TD-LTE deployment," he said. Nokia Siemens Networks has put almost all the company's TD-LTE resources, from research and development and manufacturing to sales, in the Chinese market. The company has about 9,000 employees in China, more than its two home countries, Finland and Germany, combined.

Nokia Siemens Networks and China Mobile signed a strategic MOU in 2009 to jointly promote TD-LTE globalization. In addition, Nokia Siemens Networks is recognized as the global number two and Asia-Pacific number one player in LTE, according to Dell'Oro's Q3 2012 Mobile RAN report.

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