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Photos show girl adding untreated river water to school lunch

(Shanghai Daily)

10:14, July 04, 2013

A photo shows a girl adding untreated river water to her school lunch, only a bowl of rice, in a county primary school in Yunnan Province. The photo was posted online by a volunteer and has drawn public attention again to the issue of quality and safety of student lunches in poverty-stricken regions in the country.

A SET of photos that showed a student in a county primary school in Yunnan Province adding untreated river water to her lunch drew public attention to the issue of quality and safety of student lunches, according to a Guangming Online report posted today.

Zhang Yunming, a volunteer in Yunnan, posted photos on Saturday of lunchtime at Dongjiang Primary School in Yongsheng County in Lijiang. In one photo, a girl filled up her rice bowl with untreated river water from a public tap. No vegetables or meat were visible in the bowl.

Netizens questioned whether the school had used subsidies from the government's nutritious lunch project for its student lunches.

But Zhang said yesterday he had misinterpreted the photos that he posted.

"Adding river water to rice is common there," Zhang said.

The principal of Dongjiang Primary School, surnamed Hai, said they had provided boiled water and soap to the pupils.

"It might be that hot weather made them drink cold river water." Hai added.

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