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New world record set in Beijing for largest angklung ensemble


09:11, July 03, 2013

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On Sunday at Beijing’s Workers Stadium, an ensemble of over 5,000 people shook their angklungs, a traditional Indonesian musical instrument, to some famous tunes, setting a new record for the largest crowd ever to have performed the instrument. The event highlights the growing ties between China and Indonesia.

It's hard to imagine that this familiar Chinese tune is produced using just these simple instruments made from bamboo. Tunes including "Shanghai Bund" and "Tian Mi Mi" played on this unusual instrument delight audiences.

This is the star of the day: the angklung. According to Sundanese traditions, human life is symbolized in the angklung. It takes more than just one to create the perfect tune, so we should all collaborate with each other to produce the harmony of our lives.

After a demonstration by the professionals, it’s time for everyone to give it a shot. All audience members are handed an angklung which are programmed to produce different notes depending on which area you are sitting in.

Following the gestures of the conductor, angklung maestro Daeng Udjo, everyone shakes to the tune of China’s all-time favourite love song "The Moon Represents My Heart", in an attempt to break the world record.

"Even we have a problem with communication, but you know music is the universal language and we can all play music," Daeng Udjo said.

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