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Fourth high-level forum on China's cultural soft power held in Beijing

By Wang Jin & Zhang Na (Guangming Online)

09:13, July 03, 2013

"The Fourth High-level Forum on China's Cultural Soft Power Research and the Press Conference of 2012 China's Soft Power Development Report", themed "Soft Power and Chinese Dream" and jointly sponsored by China's Cultural Soft Power Research Center, Theory Department of People's Daily and Guangming Daily, Chinese Social Science Today and Chinese Social Science Today Online, were held in Beijing recently. Almost one hundred experts and scholars from more than 30 units like the CCCPC Party Literature Research Office, Ministry of Education of China, Ministry of Culture of China, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and Chinese Academy of Sciences, participated in the forum and press conference.

More than 20 experts, focusing on "Soft Power and Chinese Dream", had an in-depth discussion of subjects like how to endow "Soft Power" with Chinese implications, how to understand the significance of the "Chinese Dream", and how to strengthen the building of soft power to promote the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation. All experts and scholars participating in the conference have the consensus that it is the top priority to build thoughts and theories system and discourse system of soft power which are in keeping with China's current conditions, Chinese characteristics, the trend of times and international exchanges. We must unswervingly take the socialist core values system as the foundation stone of the mansion of China's cultural soft power. As Chinese dream is the dream of building a prosperous and strong, democratic, civilized and harmonious modern socialist country, realizing the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation, and pursuing the common happiness of all Chinese people, it is consistent with the world's dream of freedom, equity, democracy, peace, cooperation, harmony, and common prosperity. So it is a lofty mission for researchers of China's cultural soft power to be "think bank" and "think tank" for the realization of the Chinese dream.

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