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Metro to install more cameras to deal with molestation cases

(Shanghai Daily)

09:28, July 03, 2013

The Shanghai Metro is installing more cameras on subway stations after a recent spate in the number of molestation cases on the Metro.

In a widely circulated online footage, a man who was caught fondling a woman who had dozed off in a train, surrendered to the police.

The Metro police said yesterday they can trace and nail down the suspects quickly through the full-fledged surveillance cameras to be installed in the Metro system.

Regular patrolling of the stations will also be strengthened, police said yesterday. The Metro cops said they had handled 13 molestation cases so far this year.

In the early June video clip that sparked an outcry over abuse and threats to single women travelers on the Metro, the alleged suspect surrendered to the police and faces a short-term detention.

The 36-year-old suspect, surnamed Ling, was caught on camera fondling a woman passenger's breast while seated on a crowded rush hour train on Line 2 on June 6.

The footage, believed to be shot by a passenger on the cell phone and posted online, went viral and led to complaints about sexual harassment on the road.

The woman in the footage identified herself and spoke to police.

The woman's family also alleged that the man was a frequent abuser and the punishment in such cases was "quite light." They tried to find more victims through their posts on the Internet.

Four front pictures

Police said the surveillance cameras, which can take four front pictures of each rider, will help to catch suspects.

The Metro police are also increasing the security checks at the 280-plus stations citywide. No pets are being allowed in the Metro.

The officers said they would also confiscate delivery goods which are illegally transported. The goods should go through the scanners first and the couriers and the companies identified. So far this year police have seized more than 1,100 pieces of contraband, including knives and petrol products. They also caught eight fugitives on the run.

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