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Chinese grads' offbeat jobs

People's Daily Online)  08:28, July 03, 2013  

Yang Zhibing sleeps on a couch after busy work in Qingdao, Shandong province on Sept. 27, 2011. After graduation, 22-year-old Yang Zhibin and his classmates operated a creative company. He dresses up as a clown to send flowers and cake to clients; behind joy is hardship and sweat.  (Photo/CFP)

Edited and translated by Wang Xin, People's Daily Online.

The new season of graduation has come now. According to the report recently released by Ministry of Education, nearly 7 million college students graduated in 2013, 190,000 more than 2012, hitting new record high.

To study in university has become a common thing. The students are facing the problem of finding a proper job after graduation.

There is a gap between reality and expectation. Some want to have an office job with a good pay, but it is not easy. Some students take controversial jobs but they enjoy it.

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(Editor:WangXin、Chen Lidan)


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