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Pingyao lacquer renaissance


08:31, July 02, 2013


Among the various art forms on display at the Cultural Industries Fair in Taiyuan is the famous Pingyao lacquerware. These decorative pieces and the process of creating them are considered an intangible cultural heritage.

The lacquer art of Pingyao, Fujian, Beijing and Yangzhou are among the most famous in China and each region has its own unique characteristics. The Pingyao lacquerware is famous for its gold painting and hand finished polish. It usually takes several months to finish one piece. The traditional production process is complex. It includes drawing, painting, inlaying and repeating the lacquering and polishing process.

The Pingyao lacquer arts include household items and ornaments like folding screens and paintings. It was highly popular in ancient China and even abroad.

The industry has gone through bad times but has started to recover with the rise of local tourism in recent years.

"In the past, people producing this kind of art were just considered ordinary craftsmen. But our social status has improved. Now people call us artists and more young people are learning the art," said Liu Jinhai, chief designer at the Pingyao Lacquer Industry Park.

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