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China's strike on terrorism supported, int'l cooperation urged


08:09, July 01, 2013

BEIJING, July 1 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese government has a responsibility to crack down on the recent terror attacks in its Xinjiang region and the international community should strengthen cooperation in the fight against terrorism, experts said.

"The violent terror attacks occurred in Xinjiang is outrageous," said Ismail Debeche of the China-Algeria Friendship Association. "We strongly condemn the terrorists who attempted to destroy China's ethnic unity, peace and stability."

Terrorism is a global enemy and every government has the responsibility to crack down on terrorism, said Debeche, adding that the China-Algeria Friendship Association supports and appreciates Beijing's determination and concrete steps to strike terrorism.

A total of 24 people were killed on Wednesday by rioters in an attack in Lukqun Township in Xinjiang's Shanshan County. The rioters attacked the township's police stations, a local government building and a construction site, and set fire to police cars. Twenty-one police officers and civilians were injured.

The police shot and killed 11 rioters at the scene and captured another four.

Khalid Mahmood, president of the Islamabad Council of World Affairs, said some miscreants were trying to disturb Xinjiang's social and economic development and impede China's growth through repeated activities against the people and the state.

Terrorism is not only the common enemy of Pakistan and China, but also of the rest of the world, said Mahmood.

It is the right of every country not to allow any group or militant organization to hijack their interests, disturb economic development, social harmony and social stability, he added.

Sok Touch, deputy director of Cambodia's International Relations Institute, said Islamic extremists attempted to separate the Xinjiang region from China through religion.

Spokesman for Cambodia's Council of Ministers Phay Siphan said Sunday that as a friend of China, Cambodia wishes not to see any deadly violence in China and hopes that all issues in Xinjiang would be solved peacefully.

"Any violent activities should be ended," he said. "A strict law implementation must be applied."

Ramesh Chopra, a senior Indian critic on strategic issues, said the terror attacks that occurred in Xinjiang, similar to those in other countries, were manipulated by international extremist forces.

The international community and every government should not give in to or connive the terrorists, he said, adding that they should strengthen cooperation to crack down on terrorism

Regional players including India and China should also work together to deal with this common enemy of mankind, he said.

Wahid Muzhdah of Afghanistan's Strategic Research Center said terrorism is the common enemy of countries in Central Asia and poses a challenge to human civilization.

For regional peace and security, the international community and regional organizations must join hands to address this trans-regional challenge, he said.

"As a major country, China has its reason and capability to respond to terrorism in its own way," he said. "A series of steps taken by Beijing have worked to frighten the criminals and help safeguard stability in the country."

Pierre Picquart, a French China expert, told Xinhua that the Chinese government is right in clamping down on terrorists in Xinjiang who used religious or economic excuses to stoke unrest and launch violent attacks. "Beijing wants to protect the freedom of the people," he said.

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