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Mobile payment changing ways of consumption


13:01, July 03, 2013

Smartphones have taken on an essential role in modern life these days. Their functions and uses continue to see innovation after innovation. Banks and telecom companies are now teaming up to promote a new technology called Near Field Communication, or NFC across China. This new technology aims to bring more convenience to the daily lives of everyday consumers.

The same supermarket, the different shopping experience. Shanghai resident Wang Xiaojie is paying her grocery shopping not with cash or card, but her smartphone.

Wang Xiaojie, Shanghai resident, said, "It is very convenient and fast, no need for password or signature. If I use cash or card, I have to bring many coins or enter the password then sign it, which takes quite a while."

The technology she is using is called NFC, the near field communication. The theory is to implant a bankcard into the SIM card. When the customer swipes the phone, the POS machine can read its information and process the payment. There are already 1.3 million POS machines with Quickpass logo installed in supermarkets, convenience stores, and restaurants nationwide.

Li Gang, Shanghai resident, said, "My mobile has the NFC function, so I can just swipe my phone and get in the car park. I had to prepare the small notes for parking before, and it was troublesome."

Several big banks, including Bank of China, China Merchants Bank and the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, have started working with mobile companies to promote this e-wallet business.

Smartphones have made people’s lives much easier with various functions and apps, and the security of personal information is always a top priority. Mobile banking with this near field communication technology is not exceptional.

Chai Hongfeng, Vice CEO of China Union Pay, said, "If you lose your phone, you can call the mobile company. And banks will work with them to lock the phone, preventing others accessing it to spend your money."

Customer can top up maximum 1000 yuan in the account. And the banks hope this technology will be promoted more widely in public transport, stores and coffee shops and change people’s way of consuming.

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