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12-year-old Chinese golfer Ye Wocheng shoots 79 on day 1


15:05, May 03, 2013


Twelve year old, Ye Wocheng mixed it with the men on day one of the China Open. Ye shot a impressive 79 and finds himself ahead of many more experienced players. He is the latest golfing prodigy following in the footsteps of Guan Tianlang who impressed the world at the Masters last month.

Ye takes over Guan’s record as the youngest golfer ever to compete on the European tour, but the pre-teen looked nervous while playing against other top-level golfers. Ye had eight bogeys and one birdie. He picked up a shot on the 14th hole. He finished with a seven-over par 79 during the opening round. He’ll be hoping to impress again on Friday and maybe he could make the cut, we’ll see.

Among 32 players from the Chinese mainland Dou Zecheng and Yan Bin shared the best scores. They’re tied in 10th position after finishing with two-under rounds, only four behind the leader, China’s number 1 Liang Wenchong shot a two over par, opening round The Netherland Robert-Jan Derksen leads after day one.

"I played well earlier in the day, but then struggled with my form later in the day. I was playing slowly, and was prompted by the referee to hurry. Also the wind was fierce, so I didn’t play well", Ye Wocheng, 12-Year-Old Chinese Golfer said.

So here is a look at the leaderboard after day one. It is Derksen who sits on top as he holds a two-shot lead over a trio of players. And then a whole slew of golfers are three off the pace at 3-under par.

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